Our Techniques

Marketing Techniques

Result oriented connecting across UI platforms.

We believe that technology today is far developed and are still developing. Like most of those in the trade we are up to date with the same. But what makes us unique is the way we maneuver; our techniques those make us get the best out of the latest technological developments.

Consumer Focus

We first profile the TG and then study there behavioral patterns. We do this with focusing on the following.

  • Demographics of the Target Audience.
  • SEC (Socio Economic Category) Determination.
  • Factors determining the purchase decisions.
  • Value propositions preferred by the TG.
  • Purchase cycles of the TG.
  • Incidental purchase incentive’s opportunities.
  • Determination of preferred social media choices.
  • Elements influencing purchase decisions.
  • Trial and brand engagement options.
  • Preferred topics filtering and brand connects.
  • Loyalty through familiarization.

Keyword focus to generate Results

Most used keywords are easy to track and get aligned; most usable keyword determination is where our expertise makes the difference. We identify then the most probable platform to get the uses engagements. This revenue generating process is done with a lot of focus on the consumer behavior yet it leads to influencing those behaviors eventually in favor of the selected brand, which is our customer.
These help clients to fine-tune the existing data and enlarge the database by targeting directly to competition as well as acquiring all new customers. For example a bestselling book on sports fishing may not sell fishing rods but it might sell high value memberships for those clubs that promote sport fishing cruises. To sell fishing rods, the best option would be to have an application on Facebook for enthusiasts to play fishing on an app and win rewards for every fish they hook; and later a fishing contest with a reward will sell fishing rods in reality. And more such activities add numbers to the group and the brand gets first engaged and then established.

Analysis and MIS

    A simple dashboard for the clients to see and evaluate all parameters of a digital media campaign is what makes him/her to monitor, evaluate and determine its effects in the market. Feedback and comments by the consumers if gone unnoticed or unattended would generate a rather negative impact in the market.

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